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Our Beautiful Church Building does Not define us!

Yes, we have beautiful, air-conditioned facilities, plenty of parking, even stained glass windows that one of our own members designed and created for us to enjoy for years to come.   But a beautiful building is not really "the church" in the Biblical sense.  The people who make up the body of believers who attend here and worship here are the "true Rima Ridge Baptist Church." And we want you to come and get to know us.  It may take a few visits, but soon you'll get caught up in the worship and singing. You'll learn from the great, down to earth teaching and preaching of the wonderful truths of God's Word.  

We all live in a very troubled world where few families or individuals are immune to the tragedies life brings our way.  We find an oasis of love and support among God's people.   We find spiritual nourishment from feasting on the riches of God's message of Hope and Love,  Faith and Forgiveness.  We have accepted the challenge and the privilege of walking daily in a personal relationship with Christ. And we have a deep desire to share this "Good News" of Salvation through Christ with everyone here in Ormond Beach and all over the rest of the world............because they need to know.  


You'll no doubt find out that Rima Ridge Baptist Church just might be Ormond Beach's best kept secret.   And we want to "get the Word out!" 

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