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Music Info

This is the musical stuff that will be happening this coming week at Rima Ridge Baptist!  

ORDER OF SERVICE - Sunday June 4th2023


Welcome -  Skip

Announcements  - Video


Cong.  song- In Remembrance of Me -team w video

Offering / Prayer. Music  - special Music


Cong. song-"May the Peoples Praise You"-team w video

Cong. song-"Your Will Not Mine"-team w video

Special Music- Darlene

Pastor -Message

Invitation  -"I Am Thine O Lord - Team 

Lord's Supper

Closing -"My Jesus.  - Closer team w video

In Remembrance of Me

May the Peoples Praise You

Your Will Not mine

I Am Thine O Lord in D. (to E)Artist Name
00:00 / 03:30

My Jesus-  Closer


Wednesday May 31st,  2023

Countdown into Step By Step

      no Sweeter Name

What Can I Do but Thank You  closer

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