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Where the Word of God and Worship are Paramont
Where the Difference is Worth the Distance

Learn the principles of His Word and how to apply them to daily life

Where Every Service is a Family Get-together

And there is plenty of room in the family. Room for the young and the old!

We are on route 40 (Granada Blvd) just 7 miles west of Highway 95


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We are a church family in Ormond Beach that loves people.  That's why God established the institutions of Church and Family.   To care for one another and to reach out to one another.  Rima Ridge Baptist Church is a changing church...changing methods and changing styles to meet a changing culture.  Everyday life styles have changed here in America and many churches are struggling to meet people where they are and relate to their needs. We have asked God to let us reach people where they are.  We are all in need of forgiveness of sins,  strength to walk daily and live a life pleasing to God and to share the good news of a changed life in Christ with those we care about.  The only thing that never changes is the Eternal Word of God, which not only tells us who we are but tells us who we CAN be when we let Christ come into our hearts and lives.  His Word also tells us of His mercy and grace freely extended to anyone and everyone who is willing to humble themselves, acknowledge the fact that they are a sinner in need of a Savior.  Let us point the way to this Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Lord of Lords.

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